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Dear Friends: What’s better than Christians “standing with Israel”? Christians standing IN Israel! Soon, I will be leading The Joshua Fund’s next “Prayer & Vision Tour Of The Holy Land.” The tour will be October 14-25, 2015. Space is filling up quickly, but if you and your family register soon I believe you will be able to join […]
(Central Israel) — “The Islamic State may have used chemical agents in an attack against civilians and rival insurgents in northern Syria late last week, according to local rebels and an international aid group,” the New York Times reported this week. Such chilling news seems ripped from the pages of my most recent political thriller, […]
(Central Israel) — The world is dark and getting darker. Recently, I noted in a column that it is hard to pick up a newspaper or go online or watch TV and not see some of “the darkest headlines” I have ever read. From mass shooters…to the genocidal acts of the Islamic State…to the unchallenged rise of […]
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 Bro. Brian's Commentary  

Acts 4:12 (NASB)

12 "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name (Jesus) under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”--Jesus is Salvation.  Only way to heaven. . . Best decision you will ever make.

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Events in our world are lining up as they were prophesied thousands of years ago.  We are witnessing the movement of Scripture unlike anything we have ever experienced.  The study of prophecy is divided up into three categories:  Israel, the Church, and the Gentiles.

Israel was born in 1948, and recaptured the Biblical city of Jerusalem in 1967.  Israel had to be reborn and recapture E. Jerusalem in order for the prophecies of Revelation to be realized.  We have both.  In time, the Gentile nations will take E. Jerusalem away from Israel for 3 1/2 years prior to the coming of Jesus Christ.  Look for a peace framework which will allow the European Antichrist to come and take the city of E. Jerusalem for 3 1/2 years prior to the coming of Jesus Christ. 

Second, the Scripture speaks of a Church that has become lukewarm.  1 Thessalonians 5:12-16 instructs us how Christians should behave in the days we live.  They should honor  and pray for our spirital leaders.  In the last days, spiritual leaders will be ostracized, and marginalized.  We see that in the Church.  Good pastors do not have the influence they once did because the Church is made up of people who are after their own power and prestige.  Woe is that person who takes power away from a Pastor led by God, and marginalize his ministry so that their own desires are fulfilled.  An immoral Church with a fractured leadership is evident in our day.

Lastly, the Gentile nations are warring against each other just as Matthew chapter 24 tells us.  Nations will rise up against nations.  It is more accurately interpreted as ethnic groups against ethnic groups.  Violence in the nations will increase.  There will come a time when the nations will need a leader to keep the whole one world project from falling apart.  He will succeed for a short time, but in the end chaos will rule.

You are apart of the Church who loves her Savior.  Do you support God and His ministries?  Do you live a life that an unbeliever respects?  Is your life making a difference in the lives of the unsaved?  I hope so.  It is not the love of your peers that matters as much as the respect of the undecideds.  They need the Gospel, and in these days it must come from you.

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

China's Currency Crisis Creates Mixed Outlook for Hollywood ...


We have a world in crisis.  We have a currency crisis.  God told us in the last days we would have a currency crisis which would end in the implementation of the mark of the beast.  As currencies fail around the world, the mark of the beast will be implemented during the last 3 ½ years prior to the return of Christ.  I believe the current crisis is the currency crisis prophesied in the Bible.  It will be the West, led by the European Antichrist, which will implement the end of days economic system, and people will wonder after the Beast. 

Look for continued volatility.  As we live in very significant days in the Jewish calendar, we know that nothing is done without God’s knowing.  China is very significant.  China’s economic collapse will reverberate more than the economic realm.  A country that is losing its economic status knows war is the best way to spur economic spending.  The economic collapse in our world will lead the armies of the world marching toward the plains of Meggido.  The last 30 minutes of the Dow Jones today (8/25/2015) tells us this is far from being over.  There will be ups and downs in the market, but in the end there will be an epic collapse which will lead to hyperinflation as the seals of Revelation tells us.

It is scary.  Our world is very dark.  Keep it in perspective.  We are visitors in this world.  Do not love this world.  We are going through this world as ministers of the Most High.  Be of strong courage.  God wants to use you right now to spread the Good News.  It is when the Gospel of the Kingdom goes throughout the world that Christ will come back.  

Bro. Brian

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

... modernized version of air defense missile system than S-300 to Iran


Russia is selling the S-300 missile batteries to Iran.  This makes it virtually impossible for Israel to attack Iran.  It was difficult before, but now it is very difficult.  If Israel wants to take out Iran's nuclear facilities it must do it very, very soon.  I believe without American backing for a very difficult mission, Israel may opt out.  They have Saudi Arabia which could help, but it will be extremely risky.  I may be wrong, but I believe the ones attacking will be a Russian/Iranian/Turkish attack on Israel with the help of Libyans and Sudanese, according to Ezekiel 38/39. 

The Associated Press is reporting Iran will do their own inspections.  Unbelievable, but we knew the deal was bad.  The deal between the West and Iran allows Iran to do whatever they want for easy money the West desperately needs.  The world is getting very dangerous, and in time, it will all fall apart.

President Obama is also considering withdrawing American troops from the Sinai, which provides a buffer zone between Israel and Egypt.  President Obama is withdrawing all military support from Israel, and leaving Israel in a very precarious position.  We know these things are supposed to happen so that God will defend Israel in the last days. 

It is peaceful to know our God's Word is telling us these things.  He is true and good.  He is preparing us for His Son's coming, and one day we all will walk on the streets of gold.

Bro. Brian

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015



The Gog/Magog alliance continues to take shape.  Russia and Iran are coordinating their moves more than they ever have.  Iranian weapons are on their way to the West Bank.  Israel is pushing for a temporary truce with Hamas, which has fallen out of friendship with Iran.  This is on the heels of a very strong involvement of Russia, Iran, Turkey into Syria with American support.  American foreign policy is more than ever against Israel.  One day, God will save Israel from her enemies.  The forces of evil are marching toward the Holy Land for the day of judgment.

China’s economy is severely in decline.  The Chinese economic decline will have ramifications throughout the world.  As China continues to enter into very dangerous economic territory, the world will follow suit.  The economic collapse will likely spur war, possibly prophetic war.  Deflationary pressures are accelerating throughout the world, and in time the world central banks will try to turn it around and hyperinflation will ensue.  It will not take long for the mark of the beast to be implemented in the world.  Be prepared to stand for the fight now before it is too late.

In the midst of the darkness, the homosexual agenda, the moral collapse, and the seemingly constant barrage of victories by Satan, God has the final victory.  Do not fall into deception, but stay strong.  Jesus Christ bought you with a heavy price that is eternal.  He will not let you fall in the hands of Beelzebub.  Keep your eye on the prize, Jesus Christ, be in the Word, and have an open communication with your Savior.  You will be all right.  Everything will be all right.  Trust in Him.  He is the truth and peace we all need in this hour we live.

Bro. Brian

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