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(Denver, Colorado) — What if an American President fundamentally miscalculated and inadvertently allowed Iran to build not just a single nuclear warhead but a small arsenal of nuclear missiles? What if an Iranian leader — driven by his Shia End Times theology — believed that the only way to hasten the coming of the Islamic messiah […]
(Denver, Colorado) — In my recent novel, The Third Target, a New York Times reporter  criss-crosses the Middle East, trying to understand and explain to the world the rise of the Islamic State and the objectives of its leaders. Among the questions my fictional character — J.B. Collins — is trying to answer: Why are […]
UPDATE: Satanic statue unveiled in Detroit (Daily Telegraph) Earlier this week, I flew back to the U.S. from Israel for several speaking engagements. In the coming days, I speak (and blog) about the crumbling U.S.-Israel alliance, the Iran nuclear alliance, the horrific advance of the Islamic State across Syria and Iraq, and what happens to America, Israel […]
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Acts 4:12 (NASB)

12 "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name (Jesus) under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”--Jesus is Salvation.  Only way to heaven. . . Best decision you will ever make.

Tuesday, 01 May 2012


Don't you feel you are not a part of this world?  We live because Christ lives in us, but the world is dying, everything about this old world is.  Every day, I feel the lack of peace among people.  Death is embodied in Satan, and as Satan's power increases, darkness, death, and destruction will increase with him.


I am so blessed to have Jesus in my heart, and I hope your family, like mine, knows Jesus also.  We are living in a society where deception is greater than it has ever been in this modern age.  Deception is the first warning Jesus gave in the last days, and He warned against the imposters who say they know Him but do not.  Always remember you can judge someone by the works they do.


The Israeli Prime Minister's father passed away this past week, and it is interesting reading about Netanyahu's family.  His dad was a strong Zionist, and his faith in Zion was so strong he was considered out of the traditional mainstream of Zionism.  Zionism is the belief of settling the Holy Land out of a commandment from God.  The current Israeli Prime Minister shares that same faith.  So much so, that a retired Israeli official called Benjamin Netanyahu messianic.  Is there an underlying theme here?  Could the Netanyahu family be believers in Christ?  I don't know, and if you have evidence either way, you are welcome to post it below in the comment section or email me. 


I want to comment on two topics I have commented a lot lately because they are the most important issues of the day, the economy and Iran.  First, as I have said the world elites are setting up a system that will bring in the mark of the beast.  In order to do this, Biblical Christianity will have to be marginalized, traditional values scorned and the population deceived in giving up their human rights for money.  It is all happening my friends, and when Europe dies, it will be healed.  Remember, Revelation speaks of a wound that  is healed, and many, including myself, believe the beast who has the mortal wound may not only be the Antichrist, but the EU Empire itself. 


Lastly, Obama does not want war with Iran at all, and he is willing to sacrifice Israel to keep it from happening.  It is not that I want war, but a strong protector of Israel, which Obama is not.  In my opinion, which may change from time to time, I believe war may not even happen until a more rightist Israeli government comes to power after the elections in Israel.  Also, Ezekiel does not talk about Israel attacking Iran, but the other way around.  Always remember that. Time will tell.


One last note.  The article here  is a must read.  A slow collapse is happening, and very few notice it.  I am not saying I agree with everything he is saying, but I leave you with this note.  When someone dies there are no headlines, just an obituary.  Most don't even realize it, but only those that know the person.  No major headlines, but the death of the world is happening before our very eyes, yet we know because of Him who tells us these things.


Bro. Brian



Ehud Barak was speaking Monday before The Foreign Press Association, which represents journalists covering Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Israel and the West suspect Iran is trying obtain nuclear weapons. Iran insists its nuclear program is peaceful.

Recently there has been a growing chorus of Israeli ex-security officials speaking out against an Israeli strike on Iran.

Barak said, "I believe it is well understood in Washington, D.C., as well as in Jerusalem that as long as there is an existential threat to our people, all options to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons should remain on the table."



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